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Dear SCCS parents, 
Spring is in the air! That means that most of us are in the last quarter of the school year, which is exciting!
Dear SCCS parents, 
Dear SCCS parents, 
What a gorgeous time of year! Thankfully the weather is milder and we are enjoying as much outdoor time as we can fit into our days. The schoolwork load isn't necessarily any lighter, but we have adjusted some of our schedule to prioritize factoring in nature whenever possible. 
Dear SCCS parents, 
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Dear SCCS parents, 

Jennifer Vines adminsccschool@gmail.com: For questions about records, transcripts, dual enrollment, testing (SATs, AP), and general questions for currently enrolled families.


Last week, Eleanna Burke and I hosted a Zoom call to share information on how to homeschool with new parents to SCCS, as well as others who are exploring options based on what the public schools around us end up deciding about the return to school this fall, in regard to the pandemic. If you know of people who could be helped by this information and would appreciate the topics we covered, feel free to ask and we can share the link to the video. If you are on our Remind group, I sent the link out this afternoon.

Dear SCCS parents,
Dear SCCS parents,
 Dear SCCS parents,
Below are links to the events coming up over the next couple of months. The most urgent things to notice are the deadline for SAT registration is this week and enrollment will open very soon. I'll send a separate email about that this week so stay tuned. Have a great week!

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January 2020 News
Shelby Crossings Christian School

Happy New Year! My prayer for you is a greater joy in Christ and in your homeschool days! May our focus be always on Him first!

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January 2020 Park Day 1/9
2020 ASO "Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet" 1/17
SCCS Teens: Ice Skating 1/23
"Rapunzel & the Rabbit" -- Birmingham Children's Theater Wee Folks 1/29


Dear parents,

With Veterans’ Day this week, and Thanksgiving around the corner, we are heading straight into the holiday season quickly. It is also the season of increased busyness and family gatherings, which sometimes makes completing schoolwork a challenge. Homeschooling does provide flexibility of schedule, which is one of the benefits I most enjoy. I hope that you’re able to finish up the work you need to for this semester, and then can take some time off as needed to celebrate various special occasions this month and next.