SCCS Families, this year we are using Remind service for all school announcements.  These messages will keep you informed of important SCCS events.  There is no reply option for remind messages, so you don't have to worry about getting stuck in a 200 person group chat.  It will be just like when the doctor sends you a text to remind you of appointments.  Please follow the instructions in the graphic attached to subscribe. 

SCCS Student and Parent IDs are being provided again this year for any families who want them. The deadline for submitting your photos and forms is Friday, July 27. See details for photo and form options dependent upon whether or not you and your family are attending the SCCS Parent Meeting on July 17. Student and parent IDs are not mandatory. 
ear SCCS Families,

Although we are enjoying summer at our house, the reality has hit that in just over a month we will begin the school year. I am sure many of you are soaking up the sun and memories with your families, but we have two deadline sensitive school reminders for you today.


Dear SCCS families,

Dear SCCS parents,
This year is zooming by, and we are almost to the halfway point of this semester! I am amazed at how springlike the weather is, and the kids in my house definitely have spring fever. Because of the busy pace and fun planned for this afternoon (you should come join us!) this is a short and sweet newsletter of reminders! :-)

Dear SCCS parents,

Re-enrollment is now open for next school year. Please log in to your account to re-enroll and submit tuition via the website if you are a returning family. We will add re-enrolling families first, and then open to the public in a few weeks, accepting a limited number of new families.

Tuition is due by the end of June for re-enrolling families. Thank you for partnering with SCCS as your legal church school and covering. We are glad to have your family with us!

Dear SCCS parents,
Dear SCCS parents,
I apologize upfront for the delay on getting out this newsletter. The fall is flying by!
Here are upcoming events and reminders. As always, please check the website links below for details or answers to questions first, and then email or text me with questions you still have.
Dear SCCS families,
Despite hurricanes and tropical storms, my favorite month is finally here. I pray your family is able to enjoy some fall-like weather, and festive occasions this October. I relish the change in seasons and am reminded how creative and powerful our God is when I look around at the changing leaf colors and enjoy the vibrant sunsets.
Dear SCCS parents,
Dear SCCS parents,
Welcome to a new school year! We are excited about the new pencils, schedules, material to cover, and places to explore. I am so happy to have your family joining us.



We are planning to sponsor a Speech and Debate course this fall, meeting at The Church at Shelby Crossings in Calera, for any interested junior high - senior high students.


January 22, 2018 9:30 (Group 1)

We are so excited to have a tour at the fantastic Seeds Coffee, owned and operated by some of our very own SCCS folks. This tour is for all ages and after seeing how coffee is roasted and having a tour of the coffee shop, we will have time to enjoy the garden out back, and play putt putt golf or bocce ball. Included in the fee is hot chocolate for all students. Adults may order off the menu separately, so there is no charge for adults on this trip.


2017-18 Field Trips and Activities

Dear SCCS families,
Happy official first day of Summer! We have been enjoying the different pace as a family since school ended, and hope you are doing the same. Though we do not have a great deal of news because it is not the season for regular field trips, I did want to share a few things with you.