Alabama Symphony and Ballet events are now added to our calendar. You can search the Events list, or look on the monthly calendars under Events to see the options for each. Click the title of the event to read all details about ordering and reserving your spot. Payment must accompany the RSVP to hold your spot and please pay close attention to the date those are due.


The performances for Birmingham Children's Theatre are now all listed on our website. Go to Events, and you can view the list of activities added so far, or look at the calendar to choose events you wish to read more about. When you go to an individual event listing, click the title to read the full description, and instructions on signing up and paying for those that have a fee. I am still adding more field trips, but BCT has an early RSVP deadline, so get your order in by August 5th!


We can now issue teacher and student photo ID cards for the 2016-2017 school year. Once you have completed your enrollment or re-enrollment process, you will be eligible to receive a teacher ID card and student ID cards for each enrolled student.

Dear SCCS parents,
Dear parents,

Enrollment for 2016-17 is now open!

​Dear SCCS parents,
Dear parents,

Dear SCCS parents,

Dear SCCS parents,
Happy November! We have entered that season where the days seem to be a bit more rushed and full because of the shorter evenings and  upcoming holidays. Those events bring lots of excitement and fun, but for many, the stress of the busy season can be very overwhelming. For our family, we are praying that we make wise choices about what are the best things for our family, and not just good things - because there are plenty that are just good!
Dear SCCS parents,
My favorite month is here, and already, cooler temperatures as well. I'm so grateful for the variety our climate offers, and the God who gave us beautiful creation to enjoy.

Dear SCCS Parents,

Dear SCCS families,
What a joy it was to meet many of you last night! If I didn't get the opportunity to personally welcome you as a new family, please know that I am grateful you were there, and have joined us this year. Because there was a good bit of information covered and some families could not make it, I am going to review the highlights here.

Here is the list of addresses for Superintendents, where the Church School Enrollment Forms need to be mailed. Send the original to the attention of the Superintendent. Keep one copy and I get one additional copy. As mentioned last night, you may also send it return receipt requested.


Alabaster City Schools

1953 Municipal Way Suite 200

Alabaster, AL 35007


Bessemer City Schools

1200 23rd Street North

Bessemer AL


Birmingham City

P O Box 10007

Dear SCCS parents,
Though summer is officially here, there is still a great deal going on in preparation for the new school year. I have heard from many of you as you look for co-ops, new curriculum, and are planning for the fall, and I love your enthusiasm.