Dear SCCS parents, 
What a gorgeous time of year! Thankfully the weather is milder and we are enjoying as much outdoor time as we can fit into our days. The schoolwork load isn't necessarily any lighter, but we have adjusted some of our schedule to prioritize factoring in nature whenever possible. 
As the pandemic continues and much of our lives are still restricted in ways that are unusual, it's good to focus on the One who remains steady and present despite the upheaval in our world. The attached photo I thought was a beautiful scene, but those words...they give even more joy and comfort. During this season where anxiety creeps in and the unending struggles seem really difficult, I am praying for your focus and mine to remain on the One who cares for us, and carries our burdens with us. They can feel too heavy if we forget that God is our loving Father who is fully capable when we are not. 
For more fun and socially distant activities, see our schedule of October events below. You can still sign up for most if you go to the link provided for each. Please take time to enjoy this lovely month with your family, and lean on Jesus to guide and support you on the rough days. Please also reach out if I can ever encourage or help you in any way! 

​10/12 Helena Hollow Pumpkin Patch