This is a common question and the answers can be varied. Most importantly, you need to be sure that your motivation for homeschooling is not fear-based, but because you are called by God to teach your children at home. The steps to do so and some helpful advice can be found here:

We do offer help as you plan and work through high school years with your students. Transcript help is available as one of the items covered in your tuition. Please allow 72 hours minimum for help with records requests or transcript help, or more time during especially busy seasons like re-enrollment at the year's end.

  • Legal homeschool covering
  • Christian-based environment
  • Network of supportive parents
  • Encouragement via FB group and optional support meetings
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Field trips and service projects
  • Curriculum and information sharing
  • Years of experience for consultation
  • Minimal paperwork and requirements
  • Low cost per family fees
  • High school honors club and activities, planning, transcript consultation, official transcript help, graduation ceremony

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SCCS has always had a policy of minimal paperwork requirements so that families can focus on educating their children and not turning in various records and plans to the administrator. We have kept our requirements simple, in line with what the state requires. The Church School Enrollment Form is the paper that must be signed by parents and countersigned by the school administrator, and then submitted to the family's local school district superintendent. The only other item required is a record of attendance. In the past it has always been our policy to recommend that families either mark off lesson plans or a calendar to show the dates on which schoolwork was done for each student. You could alternatively write a simple paragraph stating the number of days completed for each student. Whichever way you document attendance, it can be submitted via mail or email by June 30.

Alabama Code 16.28.7 "The enrollment and attendance of a child in a church school shall be filed with the local public school superintendent by the parent, guardian or other person in charge or control of the child on a form provided by the superintendent or his agent which shall be countersigned by the administrator of the church school and returned to the public school superintendent by the parent."

Regarding Attendance:

Alabama Code Section 16.28.8 - "The principal teacher of each public school, private school, church school and each private tutor shall keep an attendance register showing the enrollment of the school and every absence of each enrolled child from school for a half day or more during each school day of the year."

SCCS is glad to provide support and legal covering to families with minimal expense. Fees are charged per family no matter how many students are in the family.

Initial application fee is $30. Tuition is $120 for a total of $150 for a new family.

Re-enrolling families owe only $120 annually (no application is due). Late re-enrollment (after May 31) is $180.

Enrollment will close on June 30.

Late enrollments are accepted on a case-by-case basis. When late enrollments are accepted (after June 30), the application fee is $60 and tuition is $150 for a total of $210.

Tuition should be paid when enrolling online via the school website. Payment not made at that time then should be sent in by the deadline via check to the school address or via PayPal to

According to the Alabama code, the compulsory age of attendance for students is 6-17. You may begin homeschooling before then, but Church School Enrollment forms are not required to be submitted until age 6, since that is when public school attendance would be mandatory.

Alabama Code 16-28-3

(a) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (b), every child between the ages of six and 17 years shall be required to attend a public school, private school, church school, or be instructed by a competent private tutor for the entire length of the school term in every scholastic year except that, prior to attaining his or her 16th birthday every child attending a church school as defined in Section 16-28-1 is exempt from the requirements of this section, provided such child complies with enrollment and reporting procedure specified in Section 16-28-7.  Admission to public school shall be on an individual basis on the application of the parents, legal custodian, or guardian of the child to the local board of education at the beginning of each school year, under such rules and regulations as the board may prescribe.  The parent, legal custodian, or guardian of a child who is six years of age, may opt out of enrolling their child in school at the age of six years by notifying the local school board of education, in writing, that the child will not be enrolled in school until he or she is seven years of age.

SCCS does not require standardized testing but we do offer optional SAT testing for students each spring. Standardized tests offer an objective form of measuring students' performance on the same tests given across the country and they are one way of evaluating student's mastery of subjects. They provide the teacher some feedback so that she can tell areas of strength and weakness in curriculum or teaching.

Alabama state law does not have a mandatory number of days required for homeschoolers. Public school students are required to attend 180 days, with some excused absences are allowed. To read details of Alabama's law as it applies to public school vs. church schools, this is the link to that section of the Alabama code. We advise 170-180 days according to the age of your student to accomplish what is needed in a curriclum and to maintain integrity if ever questioned. Attendance reports are due at the end of the school year, submitted by the end of June to the administrator to keep in your students' files.

We have one meeting to begin each school year, and attendance is required so that the administrator and parents can meet, handbooks are distributed, families can sign up for field trips, questions can be submitted and answered, and parents complete church school enrollment forms.

Other optional SCCS gatherings include: support group meetings, curriculum show and tell, High School Homeschool 101, etc.

The State of Alabama has a set of standards for all subjects and grades. You can review that material at

Home schooled students are not required to meet all the standards in the same grade as public school students. However by high school, parents need to plan to build a transcript that will meet the requirements for a diploma for their student. Also, take into consideration the student's post-high school plans, to be sure that he is prepared for college requirements etc.

One of the advantages of homeschooling is the numerous outside-the-classroom learning opportunities. We enjoy monthly field trips, park days, and frequent service projects, as well as support group fellowships for moms. There are many wonderful resources in central Alabama for families to enjoy as they learn from various cultures, experiences, and environments. Enrichment can come in the form of concerts, festivals, museums, seminars, and more. The most recent newsletter on our home page is a great way to find out about current month's events.

We recommend, but do not require, membership with any legal defense association. We recommend families consider their options if they feel it is necessary for their homeschooling experience, depending on circumstances of their family and community. Two common options are Home School Legal Defense Association and Center for Homeschool Liberty.  Each organization offers the option to seek their counsel, based on membership for a monthly fee. Their details are listed on their respective websites.

Enter the code 299201 during your HSLDA registration to benefit from the group discount with our school.