MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW and join us for the SCCS monthly Park/Meetup Days. Happening on the Second Thursday of each month beginning September 2023!!

We look forward to spending time together! 

Meet us at Veterans Park in Alabaster from 11:30am-1:30pm

**We have now listed all Birmingham Children's Theatre shows, Alabama Ballet, and Alabama Symphony Orchestra performances. Please go through our calendar to find the performances you're interested in and follow steps below.**
First, please RSVP here on our website for each event so we have a record of the attendees for which you plan to reserve seats.

Dear parents -


New school shirts now available to order!smiley We are excited to offer these t-shirts for the new school year. They also help us find each other on field trips and park days. 

Sizes: YS (youth small)- Adult 4x

Dear SCCS parents,
Congratulations to all the families who have completed the school year! I pray that your 2022-23 was a great success educationally, there was growth spiritually, and that parents and students enjoyed time together! 
Dear SCCS parents,
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Dear SCCS families, 
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Dear SCCS families, 

We are happy to once again offer Photo IDs to all enrolled families for this school year. Some of you had your photos taken at the family meeting last week, but for those who were not able to do so, below is helpful information for you.


8/19 12:00 pm

Here's a great chance to meet other families and help your kids connect with friends their ages! Wear your SCCS field trip shirt if you got one at the family meeting and join in on the fun as we kick off this year together. 

Dear SCCS families, 
To answer a few questions regarding our family meeting this coming Tuesday:
Dear SCCS parents,