8/19 12:00 pm

Here's a great chance to meet other families and help your kids connect with friends their ages! Wear your SCCS field trip shirt if you got one at the family meeting and join in on the fun as we kick off this year together. 

Dear SCCS families, 
To answer a few questions regarding our family meeting this coming Tuesday:
Dear SCCS parents, 

Dear SCCS families,


We are looking for some occasional help with administrative duties (organizing of field trips and events, support at various events hosted by SCCS, etc.) for the coming school year. If you are interested in helping in this capacity and would like more information, please contact Jennifer Vines at adminsccschool@gmail.com.  Thank you! 

Dear SCCS parents, 
There are many exciting opportunities over the next few months for our families. As always, check out the school website for more details and email if you have any questions anytime.
Dear SCCS parents, 
Welcome to 2022! I pray your new semester has started well. We look forward to more experiences to learn and grow in the year to come. I am grateful for the opportunity to homeschool my boys, despite the challenges and hard days that will come. I've been working to find time to spend having fun this week (getting outside, exploring, creating) while learning and it's helped all of us to enjoy the process more.

Optional standardized testing is offered in the spring for all SCCS students. We give Stanford Achievement Tests on the Shelby Crossings campus for approximately three days/10 total hours of working time per student. Dates will be scheduled during early May. We have to schedule groups of students by grade so please keep in mind that testing needs to be the priority for that week and plan to have your student present on the days assigned for that grade. We cannot accommodate everyone's requests to avoid co-op classes etc. as we have tried to in the past.


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Dear SCCS parents, 
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Dear SCCS parents, 
Dear SCCS parents, 
How To Homeschool Seminar and Q/A Time
Join us at Shelby Crossings, bldg C on June 29!

For details on end-of-year attendance report, here is the link to our policy under FAQs: