Oct 23

Please plan to join us at 1pm for Pumpkin Decorating.  We will have a contest and award prizes at 3pm.


  • your own pumpkins
  • newspapers
  • decorations, paint, stickers
  • a table is optional, but could be helpful
  • snacks/drinks for your family

We are meeting in a public space, and we encourage everyone to clean up well after decorating their pumpkins.  We want to leave the space clean.

*NOTE: Our community’s monthly events are often well attended and are a general celebration of the local homeschool community.  If this is your first event or if you want connection, please make sure you stop a mom with a BHC tshirt or visor and let her know!  We will be excited to help you get connected.


Please bring a package of paper plates or 9oz cups to donate for BHC events/activities this school year.

Event Sponsor:

Our event sponsor helps us provide prizes for our event.

For more information about BHC sponsorship opportunities, please visit our sponsor interest page.