Dear SCCS parents,
As we near the end of the school year, I want to thank you for being part of Shelby Crossings. Things have definitely not been typical for any of us I know. We have missed getting to know some of you that were going to join us at field trips and park days. If this has been your first year homeschooling, I pray you have been able to find some methods that worked, enjoyed time with your kids learning and playing, and also see the gift you've given to your family by committing to a way of life that has plenty of challenges.
If you are a veteran at homeschooling, I pray it was a great time of growing and stretching.
Reminders about wrapping up the school year are below. Let me know if you have any questions!
- Attendance is due June 30. If you school year-round, you can send yours in then just to give a report of what you've done till that point. You may send a checked off calendar, or an emailed statement of number of days completed, etc. Any format is fine.
- Re-enrollment is ongoing at the regular rate for now. The late fee will not apply for another month, so you still have time.
- Our graduation has been postponed for now but we will try hard to reschedule when we are allowed to gather again.
- SAT tests will also be rescheduled if your student needs to take those.
- We should be sending out Jeff State dual enrollment info soon.
Finally, Happy Mother's Day to you all! As mothers as well as teachers, we are juggling household responsibilities, mothering of our children, as well as taking on the responsibility for educating them. It is a privilege, yet a great investment of time, energy and emotion as well. THANK YOU and congratulations for another year down the road!