Dear SCCS parents, 
We are nearing the end of a challenging year for sure. There has been such widespread uncertainty and upheaval in the world and our nation, and again I have been reminded how grateful I am. It's hard to be grateful for the stress of possible illness surrounding us, or instability in government matters, and conflict everywhere we turn. But, this level of chaos has also not been our norm. So much of the world's population lives with everyday danger and daily insecurity over food, safety, and health. I pray that this horrible pandemic has opened my eyes to the comfort and ease I have always known in a way I couldn't have appreciated before, and that we learn from this admittedly complicated time the lessons that God would have for us!
I am hopeful that we will be able to see more of each other in 2021 than we have this semester. Depending on the required restrictions due to Covid, we will potentially offer additional activities and you will receive information on standardized testing, service projects and field trips after the first of the year. 
There are a few events coming up if you're interested in socializing. Details will be found at each link below. 
My prayer for our SCCS families is that God allows us to practice gratitude in a way that honors Him, even while acknowledging the struggles we are currently experiencing. I am thankful for you, and your family is important to us.