Welcome to 2022! I pray your new semester has started well. We look forward to more experiences to learn and grow in the year to come. I am grateful for the opportunity to homeschool my boys, despite the challenges and hard days that will come. I've been working to find time to spend having fun this week (getting outside, exploring, creating) while learning and it's helped all of us to enjoy the process more. They definitely need breaks to get out some energy, and we all need the sunshine when it's available!
Speaking of outdoor time, we have more opportunities for learning outside coming up in the next few weeks. Check out our field trips to Ingadi and American Village if interested and sign up soon.  You can invite friends to join as well. 
Remember the password for Eventbrite listings is SCCS.
We are currently accepting sign ups for SAT testing which will be in the spring (dates TBA) and graduation 2022 is scheduled for May 15. Click the links below for additional information on any of these listings. 
Keep in touch as you have questions or need assistance! Have a great week!