Dear parents, 
As we are beginning summer break for most families now, congratulations on completing another school year with your children! If you already finished the 2021-22 school year a few weeks ago, or will school through the summer, that's fine too. One of the perks of teaching your children yourself is that you make your own schedule and know what best suits your family. 
While you are not required to begin and end your academic year by our schedule, we do ask that you submit your attendance by June 30, which is the official end of the academic year for our administrative record-keeping purposes. If your students are still working on their studies through the summer, please just let me know. We do not require grades to be turned in, unless you have a high school student and are preparing for graduation. Here is the link to the info that is stated on our website regarding record-keeping. 
There are some great summer activities on the horizon for many of you, and some families may be looking for things to do. If you have events you'd like to share with the school as a whole, feel free to send them my way and I will email those out, or you can also post on our private SCCS group on Facebook as well. We already have a curriculum sale and parent meeting planned during the summer. I will also add a park day or two in there for meet ups and play time with friends, so watch for more information coming soon. 
Connecting with inquiring parents new to homeschooling or our school is keeping me busy lately. It is always exciting to meet families and talk through options for them as they are choosing to home educate. We are still enrolling through June 30 at the regular rate for tuition, but remember after that date, a late fee is automatically added on the website to applications. That is supposed to be an incentive to encourage families to finalize their enrollment before the very end of summer, so that adequate preparation can be made, and also so that I can shift gears from handling quite as many school inquiries per week, to final preparation for a new year of teaching my own children. I appreciate your help in sharing that with friends you may refer to us. I have had a number of those folks contact me this week, and it is always encouraging when our reputation brings in new members. Thank you! 
Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for being part of SCCS.