Dear SCCS families,

I will send these newsletters every other month to remind of upcoming events and hopefully give you some encouragement as you work to homeschool your children. I do hope these activities we planned will enhance your fall and that you can join in on some of them to connect with other families.
Here's some wisdom I recently read by one of my favorite homeschool inspirations that felt really applicable to where I am in parenting my four, and still teaching three of those. I pray that we keep this truth in mind as we raise our children:

"We have to look long and hard at the individual child, our home, school, and outside influences. Just because a home or school is 'Christian' does not mean that the child is being properly helped, grounded, educated as a whole person. We accept that nothing is perfect, but we try to get our priorities right. We are ready to take time and trouble to see that our children aren't swept off in a roaring tide. But we want more than that. We pray for a person who is like the individual mentioned in Psalm 1. He has grown like an oak tree planted by a stream. Storms may roar, a branch or two may snap, but the oak stands firmly grounded - so much so that small creatures seek shelter therein. 

There is no one method to achieve such a mature person. There is no perfect or complete situation. We must pray for the individual, pray for wisdom, open our eyes, choose prioritis. We must not only talk. We have to serve, give, and be willing to live with the children. We nurture with life." (Susan S.  Macaulay)

These next two months have great opportunities for fun and education as well. Check out the Events under September and October to ensure you don't miss any deadlines for sign ups. We have a great service project opportunity and a teen game night this week too! Click the links below for details.

Have a wonderful week and please reach out anytime you have a question! Contact info is on the main page of the website.