Nov 18

11/18/21 10:00

It is a 12 mile round trip, around 75 minutes long as the train winds through the woods, golf course, past a lake, and through the heart of Shelby county.

The train ride is fun for all ages - there's no need to separate groups by age onboard. If your age-groups would like to take advantage of the self-guided walking tour (marked by white signage describing the functions and/or history of the various cars and equipment on display) on the grounds, you're welcome to do so! There are a number of historic train cars in Clark Yard, a working signal garden, and a Museum Depot display room (if requested). Some ages enjoy reading the signage information or capturing creative photos, while some of the smaller children may enjoy seeking and finding the various shapes and sizes around them! 

$11 for adults and students alike.

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1919 9th St

Calera AL 35040