2/2/22 American Village in Montevallo

Feb 02
2/2/22 9:30 $10 per parent, students in Shelby County are free. Independence! program begins at 9:30, so please arrive at 9:00.   Parent tickets Free Student tickets 


2022 AL Ballet Blue Suede Shoes

Feb 24
Blue Suede Shoes | Thursday, February 24th | 10:00 a.m. | BJCC Concert Hall This is an EventBrite event listing so pay at the appropriate link above to reserve your place.


Ingadi Flower Farm - March 2022

Mar 10
9:30 03/10/2022 Tour of a local flower farm with a class taught on Seedlings and Soil Blocking Classes will be academically sound and include some fun hands-on learning! This will be an outdoor field trip (some of the time possibly under large tents) but dress appropriately for the weather.


2022 Alabama Ballet's Don Quixote

Apr 21
Don Quixote | Thursday, April 21st | 10:00 a.m. | BJCC Concert Hall Don Quixote is a classical ballet about a nobleman obsessed with stories of ancient chivalry. Don Quixote and his trusty servant Sancho Panza battle imaginary enemies in order to rescue Dulcinea, the lady of his dreams.


2022 SAT testing

May 02
Optional standardized testing is offered in the spring for all SCCS students. We give Stanford Achievement Tests on the Shelby Crossings campus for approximately three days/10 total hours of working time per student. Dates will be scheduled during early May. We have to schedule groups of students by grade so please keep in mind that testing needs to be the priority for that week and plan to have your student present on the days assigned for that grade. We cannot accommodate everyone's requests to avoid co-op classes etc. as we have tried to in the past.


2022 Graduation

May 15
If you have a kindergartner or senior who wishes to participate in our graduation ceremony on May 15, please RSVP here to let me know your interest and details will be emailed soon. We look forward to celebrating these accomplishments with your student and family! All seniors wishing to graduate formally will need to submit a pending transcript by March 15, and then a final transcript before participating in graduation.    Please respond by January 31, 2022.