Dear SCCS Parents,
It was great to see so many of you at the meeting last Thursday. If you were unable to make it, I will share a few things we covered. You'll be able to view the handbook and other info I gave out soon as we upload them to the website as PDF files. If you come to a field trip or park day soon, then I can bring extra copies I have for you to pick up then.
We covered our basic policies and recommendations, mission statement, the history of SCCS, maintaining a record of attendance, and what AL law requires of homeschoolers (all of this is on the SCCS wesbite).
I explained the importance of emailing me when you have questions and not using Facebook as a method of communication with me. Unfortunately, I cannot keep up with messages and comments on the FB group due to the large number of families in our group, so please only use Facebook as a forum for asking questions of the entire school group. I cannot respond to every post on Facebook, so please do not expect me to do so, but email to this address with any questions or to send your CSE form copy for your file with the school.  You can also email through the school website. The website and email are my primary means of communication. I may post things on Facebook, but they are just follow-up from things I post in the blog on the website and send via email. Please check the website for information because I try very hard to maintain it with relevant details, and the newsletters I send monthly contain a great deal of information that will aid you in your school planning and activities, so read those and refer back to them (under Blog on the website) to stay in the loop.
Field trips are fun ways to supplement your teaching, but please don't try to do them all. We have many options throughout the year, and I encourage you to attend some, but use discretion in time away from home as you need to also balance time to teach your students also. When RSVPing for a field trip on the SCCS website, pay attention to the person coordinating, so that you pay (if not free) correctly. When using PayPal, always choose the "Friends and Family" option, or you're charged a fee, and we do not receive the full amount for the trip.
Casey Tatum, who is assisting with administrative duties, went over the IXL math website membership and how to pay for those. PLEASE pay immediately if you have not. She's emailed with instructions to some of you. Teacher and Student IDs can be provided if you send the information required to Casey. Details on the SCCS website.
Jen Key discussed the support group formed last year for families of special needs students. We meet several times a year, and Code Breakers: Parent Advocates is on Facebook as a group to communicate information regarding our meetings and share resources. Our upcoming meetings are scheduled, and we are working on securing a meeting location. Meeting dates on the SCCS website.


SCCS t-shirts were also available for sale for $10 each, so if you would like any for your students, please let me know via email. ​


​ I have shared via separate emails opportunities for an upcoming debate class, cupcake decorating class, back-to-school photos, and ​field trips that must be RSVPd and paid for by the end of this week. Please read through those emails so you don't miss anything. There is always a lot going on, and I'll try to limit my communication with you, but if I email it, then I assume it may be of interest to you.

Pay special attention to monthly newsletters that will remind you of upcoming field trips and support group meetings. Again, read through the recent posts on the website before contacting me when possible, since your questions will probably be answered there.

Thank you so much for your time. Have a great week!