Dear parents,
Below is our monthly reminder newsletter. (This newsletter has been altered from its original format, which you should have received via email). Below are reminders of activities we have scheduled and hope will enrich your school year. (Not included are Children's Theatre, AL Ballet, or the Symphony whose RSVP deadlines have already passed, so if you purchased tickets to those, please mark them on your calendar). Click the link to read details  for time, directions to the event, and payment if required.

SCCS October Events

10/4 Teen Capture the Flag Day


10/10 Alabama History Tour


10/11 Old Baker Farm


10/17 Park Day


Like this poem says, I pray that the “Giver” is who you see in the beauty of this month! Enjoy every bit of it!


Why do I love October?

October's the month of gold.

There's crimson and nuts in the woodland,

There's fruitage in orchard and wold.

'Tis the banquet hall of the Season

When their purple wine is spilled;

Tis the revel of color-splendors,

Where the wealth of the year is tilled.

And so I love October

'Tis fruition of faith to me,

In the beauty and gold of its garner

The opulent Giver I see.






What services does SCCS offer? Glad you asked!

  • Legal, Christian homeschool covering
  • Approachable administrators
  • Network of supportive parents
  • Encouragement via support fellowship meetings and FB group
  • Extra-curricular activities, field trips and service projects
  • Curriculum and information sharing
  • Years of experience for consultation
  • Minimal paperwork and requirements
  • Low cost per family fees
  • High school honors club and activities, planning, transcript consultation, official transcript help, graduation ceremony