It's the final month of school for most of us and summer is almost here! Here are a few pieces of information about end-of-year events and upcoming dates you may need.

Enrollment continues through June 30, but there is a significant late fee added to tuition after that point because I need to shift gears from answering emails and processing paperwork to preparing for the new school year for my own family. If you are re-enrolling or know someone interested in SCCS, just keep that date in mind. You can update your family's info and pay tuition on the website below.
Graduation for kindergartners and seniors is this Sunday! Congratulations to a group of kids who have worked so hard to reach these milestones! We are proud of students and parents for this achievement.
Dual enrollment is open for students interested in enrolling at Jeff State through the agreement SCCS has with this local school. An info meeting will be held on June 5 at 9:00 am at Shelby Crossings for those interested or if you need clarification of anything in the previously sent information. The deadline to submit paperwork to us is June 7.
Attendance reports are all that you are required to send me at the end of the school year (unless you have a graduating senior and I need grades/a transcript). You may email an attendance record, or checked off calendar for your family in the format you prefer but please do so by June 30 as that is the end of our school year as far as record keeping goes.

2018-19 has been a wonderful year getting to know families, enjoying our school's activities, and adding in teen events and Beta Club. We look forward to growing more and improving in the year to come! Thank you for being part of our school, and please contact me anytime with questions or ways you would like to get more involved.