Dear SCCS families,
Welcome to a new semester and new year! I hope that your Christmas break gave some needed downtime and fun, and that your family is adjusting to being back in the routine of school and activities. Below are the reminders of school events that are upcoming in the next few weeks and some new information regarding testing and homeschool soccer team sign up. 
SAT Tests
SCCS offers optional standardized testing in the spring. Details can be found on the form attached via email. If you plan to register your student for SATs, please read and submit payment by the deadline.
Soccer Club Opportunity
Announcements regarding an open homeschool soccer club that I have been asked to share with our families:

We are helping to promote Boys and Girls Soccer "Club" Teams that will be open to any homeschooler, regardless of their covering. These are not Hope Christian teams but will be led by Hope families.  If you are interested, families of 7-12th grade boys should contact Ken Barnett at 205-863-0054. Families of interested 7-12th grade girls should contact Michele Davis at 205-266-4761. There is also an interest meeting/pizza party for girls on Friday, 1/18 at 1:00 at Buck Creek Park in Alabaster.

· Guys and Girls will practice at Buck Creek Park in Alabaster on Wednesdays
· They plan to arrange some scrimmages or informal games with some of the teams we have played in the past.
· Each family will need to sign a waiver recognizing that they are responsible for the safety of their own child(ren).

January/February Events

Click links below to read details, or check the SCCS website calendar year round!