Dear SCCS families,

This month is a wonderful season to celebrate the greatest Holy Day/holiday that Christians recognize. Easter for the Christ follower is the day to rejoice over the fact that Jesus rose from the dead, and forever conquered death. Many in our SCCS family have recently faced the loss of loved ones and that is a difficult thing no matter the circumstances or age. Our hope is thankfully in Christ's life after death. This fact gives us many reasons to celebrate!

A resource I wanted to share with you all is one I learned of in just the past year is The Bible Project. I highly recommend it for personal Bible study or as a family resource. Attached is the poster for the Gospel of Mark. (It may not be printable quality but I wanted you to see an example here). Check out to see info on all the books of the Bible they have available. Each book that The Bible Project has completed has a detailed overview of the letter, Gospel, etc. with short videos, podcasts and more to help readers understand the Bible better than ever before, and to also provide a visual format for those who really appreciate seeing what they're studying. I hope this site can be something you use over the next weeks to teach your children and remind yourself that we serve a risen Savior.

Here are upcoming events for the month of April. Please join when you're able to connect with the SCCS family.
For further details on each event, just click the link to go to the listing on our SCCS website.
​04/06 Alabama Ballet: Ovation (tickets previously ordered)

04/06 Finishing Well: This Thursday will be an evening of encouragement, refreshment, and practical tips to keep on going for the remaining weeks of school. It sounds like a great, free evening to encourage and refresh moms as we attempt to finish the year out well. Here are details from my friend Aimee, who is speaking that night.

04/07 12:00 Park Day: Ebenezer Swamp in Montevallo
04/20 10:00 BCT Mainstage: James and the Giant Peach (tickets previously ordered)
04/26 Curriculum Show and Share 10:00-2:00 at Calera United Methodist Church
04/27 Code Breakers: April support group for parents of students with special needs