This newsletter has been altered from its original pdf format.

AUGUST 4, 2019

It was great to see so many of you at the recent SCCS parent meeting. If you were unable to make it, this newsletter will share the information you missed and will review it for the rest of you.
We covered our basic policies and recommendations, the history of SCCS, maintaining a record of attendance, and what AL law requires of homeschoolers (all  of this information is on the SCCS website under About Us or FAQs). Handbooks were given out and several are left if you would like to pick one up at the next  activity you attend. Our next newsletter will have August event reminders for you!

No FB? No problem!
The SCCS website and email are the administrative team's primary means of communication. If something is posted on Facebook, that is merely an additional reminder or note, and will never be used by the administrators as the first notification of any news.

A reminder about communication: We prefer that email is used for questions instead of Facebook as our main method of communication. We may add notices on the SCCS Facebook group, but they are only follow-up from posts in the blog on our website or send via email. Facebook is not our primary means of communication. Unfortunately, I cannot keep up with private messages and comments through the FB group due to the large number of families in our school, so please only use Facebook as a forum for asking questions of the entire school group. You can always email to with any questions, or contact me through the link on the school

Eleanna Burke demonstrated how we use the Remind app to notify of field trip deadlines, event dates, etc. Text this message @sccsfam to 81010 to receive general SCCS text reminders directly to your phone (not a group thread). For SCCS teen events, text @eventsteen to 81010 to sign up or for your teen to sign up for these notifications. Again, subscribing to Remind will NOT include you in a group message thread but are texted individually.

If you are a new family to SCCS or have a new student you enrolled this year, CSE forms should be completed and mailed this week to the superintendent for your local public school system. File a copy in your records and send one copy to me at the school address below or to this email please. Directions for completing this form are in your acceptance email so please refer back to that if you have other questions.

The SCCS website has a calendar view and a chronological listing of upcoming events and activities. You can choose either option to look at planned field trips etc. Some field trips will have fees that require us to use Eventbrite to collect and organize, but many activities are only RSVPd for on the SCCS site.

CONTACT US! For questions about records, transcripts, graduation, dual enrollment, standardized testing, and general inquiries for currently enrolled families For questions about field trips, teacher/student IDs, high school volunteer hours, honors club, portfolio building, Chilton Co support leader For questions regarding Reminder app, moms' events, general support, park days, and questions for families interested in SCCS